About Us

Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Task Force
Established Since 1985
The Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Task Force is a collaboration of healthcare professionals and community representatives whose mission is to promote and support breastfeeding.
The Task Force is striving to meet the “National Objectives” for breastfeeding prevalence and duration as outlined by the USDA in Healthy People 2020: National Health Promotion & Disease Report.
To achieve these objectives the Task Force aims to:
Increase public awareness & encourage acceptance & support of breastfeeding.  Improve community & hospital breastfeeding practices.
Provide resources for healthcare professionals.
Present conferences for healthcare professionals on advances in breastfeeding topics. ---Evaluate the accuracy & appropriateness of breastfeeding information in educational materials & the media.

Membership & Meeting Information
The Task Force meets monthly, and is open to anyone interested in breastfeeding promotion. Contact
Dee Kassing @ 618‐346‐1919 or contact us via this site.