Breastfeeding Conference

Four Points by Sheraton Conference Center
319 Fountains Parkway
Fairview Heights IL 62208

Thursday, April 5th, 2018


Detailed conference session description and schedule listed below.

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Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Task Force

Not Your Mama’s Breastfeeding:  Modern Challenges 
Four Points by Sheraton Conference Center
319 Fountains Parkway
Fairview Heights IL 62208
Thursday, April 5, 2018
All topics presented by Robyn Roche-Paull, RN, BSN, IBCLC

8:00-8:10       Introduction/opening remarks    
8:10-10:10      Strategies to Support Breastfeeding
                           in Non-Traditional Occupations                                    120 minutes

10:10-10:30   Break                                                                                    20 minutes
10:30-11:30   Hazmat and Breastfeeding: 
                         What You Need to Know                                                 60 minutes

11:30-12:45    Lunch                                                                                   75 minutes
12:45-1:45     Breastfeeding and Body Modifications: 
                          Where Body Art and Breastfeeding Collide                      60 minutes

1:45-2:45       Bonding and Breastfeeding: 
                           Strategies for Staying Close  When Separated                60 minutes

2:45-3:00     Dessert Break                                                                        15 minutes  

3:00-4:00    Breast Pumps and Pumping:  The Good, the Bad, the Ugly      60 minutes
4:00-4:15     Closing                                                                                   15 minutes
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Not Your Mama’s Breastfeeding:  Modern Challenges
Conference Session Descriptions

Strategies to Support Breastfeeding in Non-Traditional Occupations
            Women in non-traditional occupations face unique challenges when breastfeeding. Many are not reaching the goals set by Healthy People 2020 and the American Academy of Pediatrics for breastfeeding due to a lack of information and support. This presentation covers the following: An overview of the available literature regarding breastfeeding in non-traditional jobs, lack of time and place for pumping, separation issues, various workplace environments, HAZMAT issues, co-worker and male-dominated workplace issues, physical training and uniform issues, and workplace support.
This presentation will offer strategies for use by lactation professionals when working with breastfeeding mothers to include: a.) education of supervisors and co-workers, b.) implementation of breastfeeding instructions and policies, c.) pumping skills and strategies to maximize production, d.) separation issues, e.) hazardous materials exposure, f.) uniforms and physical training, g.) support from family and spouse, support groups, lactation consultants.

Hazmat and Breastfeeding:  What You Need to Know
            Mothers working in non-traditional fields such as firefighting, military or the police often find themselves exposed to hazardous materials. This session will discuss what is known about hazardous materials and breastfeeding in the literature, whether, how and why maternal exposure to HAZMAT may affect breastfeeding, and best practices for reducing exposure by the breastfeeding mother.

Breastfeeding and Body Modifications:  Where Body Art and Breastfeeding Collide
            What’s a hip, tattooed, pierced and breastfeeding (or soon-to-be) mom to do? Is there breastfeeding during or after tattooing and nipple piercings? This presentation will provide a review of the available literature regarding breastfeeding and body modifications, a discussion of why women choose to alter their bodies through body modifications, evidence-based information on the safety and different types of body modifications available and the effect on breastfeeding, and how to identify and reduce any potential barriers to successful breastfeeding with tattoos and piercings.

Bonding and Breastfeeding:  Strategies for Staying Close When Separated
            This presentation takes a hard look at the differences between breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and pumping and how they differ, and how those differences affect mother and baby both physically and emotionally.  Provides practical and concrete strategies to optimize mother-baby closeness even when facing separation.

Breast Pumps and Pumping:  The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
            Pumps and pumping are fact of life for the military breastfeeding mother who must be separated from her baby for 12 or more hours a day and/or days/weeks or months at a time. This presentation covers the many types of pumps available and what to look for when choosing a pump, the dangers of used pumps, and resources for pumps such as Tricare and WIC. This presentation will also offer techniques for pumping to maximize milk production including: hand expression, pump settings, pumping schedules and more. A brief discussion regarding WHO code compliance is included.

Speaker Information

Robyn Roche-Paull, BSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC is the award-winning author of the comprehensive book Breastfeeding in Combat Boots:  A Survival Guide to Successful Breastfeeding While Serving in the Military, and the Executive Director of the non-profit ‘Breastfeeding in Combat Boots’.  She is a Registered Nurse and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) as well as a US Navy Veteran who successfully breastfed her son while on active duty as an aircraft mechanic.  Robyn has been working with breastfeeding mothers for over 18 years and currently works at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.

Robyn can be found lecturing at breastfeeding conferences and military bases around the United States and overseas.  She maintains her website and Facebook page, writes for various blogs and magazines, and helps active duty military mothers worldwide via email and Skype.  Robyn lives in Graham, WA with her husband of 23 years, a Retired Chief Petty Officer of the US Navy and her 3 teen-aged children.  Visit her at and on Facebook at You can also follow her on Twitter at and Instagram at
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